APM And DPP Distances themselves from Batatawala Lido Karim: I have nothing to do with this thief!


APM And DPP Distances themselves from Batatawala Lido Karim

By Binwell Namalima

In a dramatic turn of events the former State President professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has this afternoon distanced his government from words going around that his government had cleared one Batatawala Lido Karim from matters related to corruption and money laundering. Speaking through his spokesperson Linda Salanjira he said that this matter came on his desk but advised the anti Corruption Bureau, Fiscal Police, MRA and Immigration to desist from toying around with the idea of clear the business man and his companies African Commercial Agencies and Reliance Trading Company.

He is reported to have summoned the then Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale and the Director General of ACB then Lucas Kondowe to go through the files of the two companies and the many cases involving the owner Lido Karim. He went further that his issues were enshrined in the hand over notes of former president Dr Bakili Muluzi when handing over power to late Dr Bingu wa Mutharika. From then onwards his cases were never cleared nor attended to because there was a lot of mess which hinged on criminality. Linda Salanjira told this reporter that the former president does not want his name to be marred with corruption cases. She said that Mutharika is even ready to take the matter to court to clear his name.
‘ We are not ready to be thrown into the mud by a business person who have such cases,” said Linda Salanjira.

On his part Elvis Thodi the former immigration boss said that no such clearance was issued and would not like to get involved in corruption matters.

Batatawala Lido Karim is now under investigations after the current Attorney General Dr Chikosa Sulungwe three weeks ago directed ACB, MRA and fiscal Police to thoroughly investigate the activities bordering on corruption and money laundering. In the meantime, the Investigations are at a very advanced stage.

On his part the DPP spokesperson Brown James Mpingajira said that the party does not want to be associated with corrupt deeds and issues involving Batatawala Lido Karim have been there from the days of UDF.

Lido has paid Dobadoba  (non ethical) social media players to clear his name to enable him bounce back in the government system, over and out to Chakwera now to show justice.


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