Malawians celebrates Bushiri’s contribution to boosting tourism: Analysts say he is an ‘industry we must keep’.



Just 5 months in his home country, Malawians have already feeling the positive impact of having Prophet Bushiri in their fold.

Recently, debate ensued on social media with regards to observable hundreds of people jetting in the country to meet with the revered Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG).

Leading the debate was renowned social media activist Idriss Ali Nassah who posted his observation while landing at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) weeks ago.

He wrote: “Ethiopian Airlines and Kenya Airways touched down at Kamuzu International Airport at about the same time yesterday. A good number of the people in the arrivals hall were holding South African and Botswana passports, far outnumbering Malawians.

“In the airport parking lot were several buses picking them up on their way to the Shepherd Bushiri Ministries. I was thinking of the benefits along this chain; airlines, hotels, transportation, food, Bwandilo, etc.”

Nassah, a renowned journalist and also well-travelled academician, added that “whatever you think of him, that man Bushiri is an industry!”

His post attracted several comments from people across the board, agreeing with him that Bushiri is indeed ‘an industry’ Malawi must treasure and keep.

Dr Henry Chingaipe, one of Malawi leading public intellectual on social and governance issues, called it “the Bushiri value vain”.

While another commentator Macwilliam Chikapa said: “Indeed he us industrious, home is best. Such trends of inducing visitors coming to Malawi to his ministry is an advantage. Its matter of utilizing it the better way as those visitors will spend money inside our country.”

While in South Africa, Bushiri was hailed as one of the top most contributors to the City of Tshwane through arrivals of thousands of religious pilgrims. Pretoria economy.

A 2018 research conducted by Dr Acha-Anyi from Tshwane University of Technology reveals that ECG congregants noted 90% stay between 1 to 2 days and 20% stay in commercial tourist accommodation.

7 Replies to “Malawians celebrates Bushiri’s contribution to boosting tourism: Analysts say he is an ‘industry we must keep’.”

  1. Joel Tlhapi says:

    It is good that Malawian government can recognise what South African government was not seeing in our Prophet Major 1. I am urging the Malawian authorities to take care of my Spiritual father Major 1 and do not do any harm to him and his family.
    My prayer to the Malawian government is that ‘May the good Lord richly bless you in the Mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  2. J.C.Kaisuma says:

    Mayor 1 is indeed economic engineering man of God via the valued ECG,I salute him ,shalom

  3. Jacob Kondu Nyanganji says:

    Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is indeed a tourism assets any Nation that wishes to boost her tourist industry will certainly not want to part with except the RSA! He is a Spiritual gift to Christiandom and humanity, that provides unquestionable faith based solutions to our contemporary world economic, social, political, health, etc. problems A cherishable Spiritual asset many Nations will desire have.

  4. Ogar says:

    This is true our prophet ‘s arrival in Malawi has brought changes in Malawi ‘s economy. He is an asset,take care of him. He has the interest of the country at heart.He considers others better than himself.

  5. Ogar Rapinyana says:

    Yes its true he an industry we must keep. He is boosting the country’s economy by bringing people in the country. Hotelsand market places are flooded by his visitor’s.

  6. Prophet Dr. Shepherd Bushiri, BBA, PhD, is not only a successful businessman, but big business follows him. Thank you for recognizing that he, and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries (PSBM), help to greatly stimulate the economy.
    Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries has packed out the largest stadium in Africa more than one time. He is graced to draw people. The increase in tourism greatly helps to boost the economy especially during the COVID season.
    Now, I know more about the country of Malawi because Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was born there.

  7. Sadi says:

    May God open the eyes of each and every Botswana citizen who are still travelling to Malawi to see this man whom they call man of god to see who he really is Amen…

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