Kokoliko got K5.8m, says audit on Covid feast; Suleman shocked


Suleman - Director of Kokoliliko

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) –In a shocking twist to the stolen K6.2 billion COVID-19 funds sage, details have emerged that Kokoliko Holdings, owned by Mr Daud Suleman, got K5 820 000 for the purchase of face masks and hand sanitisers.

With cheque number 2466 processed by responsible officer Ms Grace Kalua, Kokoliko Holdings—but appearing as Kokoliko Dealers; got the cash on 6th November 2020.

Shockingly, Suleman has posted on his Facebook, expressing shock and disgust.

Suleman -MCP’s Kokoliliko leader

“So, Kokoliko Dealers was “purportedly” awarded K5.8 million. PPDA website doesn’t have details of this supplier. But, they got paid COVID-19 money. We will find out.”

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