Covidgate; Kazako’s Zodiak got a lion’s share in single-sourcing procuring of radio, TV airtime


Kazako (with headsets) his Zodiak got a good chance of Covid feast

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – Zodiak Broadcasting Services (ZBS), owned by Information Minister Mr Gospel Kazako, got the largest share of the K47 million which—through a flawed single sourcing procurement system—was spent on procuring radio and television airtime.

According to the information MalawiTalk got from the Investigative Report on the Usage and Accountability of K6.2 billion COVID-19 Disbursement, K46 986 220.00 was spent on procuring radio and television airtime on issues surrounding COVID-19.

However, the report faults the procuring processes as it was single source—something which is against the procurement laws of this country.

The report further shows that of the seven countries that benefited—ZBS, MBC, Rainbow TV, Angaliba TV, Luntha TV, Times TV and YONECO radio—its ZBS that got the largest chunk amounting to K13.6 million, seconded by MBC with K11 million.

Tongues are since wagging as to how MBC, a state broadcaster with the largest listenership and viewership, could come second to private broadcaster, ZBS.

Social media, however, has already concluded that Kazako influenced the process—more so, with the procurement flaws of single sourcing in place.

Kazako (with headsets) his Zodiak got a good chance of Covid feast

Zodiak which used to be independe private broadcaster is now a de facto pro-Tonse Alliance government’s station.

Timed Media is also pro-government .

On the other hand, the Nation publications limited which publishes The Nation daily newspaper, Weekend Nation and Sunday Nation has continued to be independent.

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