HRDC, activist ready with #Payback campaign over Malawi ‘Covidgate’


Ali Nassah - Demand accountability, not relenting

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – Calls are emerging from the public demanding that every officer who stole Covid-19 funds should be made to pay back the money.

In its recommendation, government’s Investigative Report on the Usage and Accountability of K6.2 billion COVID-19 disbursement advances the officers who took money meant for COVID-19 fight should be made to pay back.

Though the report also recommends prosecution, the issues of paying back the money looks maiden because previously it hasn’t been the case.

Building on the recommendation is a growing call from the public and civil society organisation who believes that, beyond litigation, the issue of paying back the money must reign supreme.

Ali Nassah – Demand accountability, not relenting

The K6.2bn COVID-19 funds whistleblower, Mr Idriss Ali Nassah, has already gone to town advancing the pay back money, saying “we need our money back.”

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) have organized a press briefing Friday afternoon to unveil strategies put in place to ensure that everyone who stole public money must pay it back.

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