On abused K6.2bn Covid funds, Chakwera is shielding thieving friends – Ayuba


FROM THE MIND OF (Silvester Ayuba James) – Regarding the MK6.2 bn report, I have the gut feeling that President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is trying to shield certain sacred individuals from his cabinet or his inner circle.

It appears that the preliminary findings showed that those who benefitted from the loot are persons he cannot hang, at all cost.

Now, the president has to make a decision either to stand with Malawians or protect his few thieves for what he owes them. And, sadly, it appears he has chosen to take the bullet for the thieves.

Do you now see why our president cannot be a Magufuli? His approach to fighting corruption is, in the words of my former beloved teacher and distinguished professor, Mwiza Jo Nkhata, disgustingly lukewarm, tepid and half-hearted.

He keeps missing yawning opportunities to kill the dog and make a statement of intent. Ultimately, he renders himself to reasonable suspicion that he is, in some way, a beneficiary of the proceeds of such crimes.

I am not a prophet of doom like Elijah was, but I fear one day my president shall wake rueing these missed opportunities and wishing fingers of the clock could be wound back so he could do things better.

The president ought to know that there is not second chance to make first impression. And first impression goes a long way in tuning your legacy. By failing to make a good first impression, Chakwera is making the ride very tough for himself.

And I write this post with so much love for the president who appears not to have been ready to govern despite many years of learning in the opposition benches.

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