Namadingo says Made-See needs further assistance to save him from self-destruct mode


Made-See (L) with Namadingo

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk) – Malawian popular musician Dr Patience Namadingo has reacted to claims by  his protégé Made See that he injected zero effort in his life.

The 17-year-old up-and-coming artist Made See has been trending on social media with his video in which he faults Namadingo of failing to lend any financial assistance to him.

Made See accused Namidingo of frustrating his career and education.

“He has not changed my life in anyway. To say the truth, he was only projecting a glittering false picture about me. This is not what I expected, imagine he has never given me any money,” claimed Made See.

Namadingo started promoting the youthful artist whose real name is Medson Kapeni last year. Using his influence as a brand ambassador for FDH Bank, he facilitated a move that saw the financial institution coughing K2 million towards Medson`s education.

According to Namadingo, he wanted the Blantyre-based young artist to focus on his education apart from music. He also helped him record two singles.

Reacting to the video claims, Namingo said Made See should not be condemned but rather be offered assistance to save him from what he says is self-destruct mode.

Said Namadingo:“I look at him as a boy who still needs a lot of help.

“At the moment, he is his biggest problem. He needs to be saved from himself otherwise he has set himself on a wrong path. It appears he is getting wrong advice from somewhere.”

Made-See (L) with Namadingo

Made See was enrolled at North Park Private Boarding School, which is under Pact Schools. He is currently in Form Three.

His mother, a Mrs Kapeni, disclosed that  Made See was expelled some time ago and he is just staying at home.

The mother said Made  See alongside his school-mate, was found with chamba[Indian hemp] and was forced out of school.

The young artist first came in the limelight following the release of his debut single Akufuna Malipiro. He joined  other artists under the Namartists management of Namadingo such as Joe Kells and Mitengeli Choir.

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