After hypocrisy MCP, UTM will part ways; Tonse is quite a polygamous arrangement


WAITING FOR GODOT (Mulotwa Mulotwa) –The most common ‘final straw’ for divorce is conflict, arguing, infidelity, domestic violence, and drugs or alcohol. Tonse is quite a polygamous arrangement, more often than not polygamous marriages come with unhappiness, loneliness, sense of competition, jealousy, and lack of intimacy with the spouse.

Now this marriage in charge of state of affairs has 10 partners or wives. Funnily put, Malawi Congress Party [MCP] is married to nine or 10 wives, UTM being the senior most partner by value or contribution—imagined or real. Arguments of such a nature take days on end but UTM, has some value.  No doubt, they brought value or required numbers in kicking out the notorious Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

The first problem was how MCP and UTM sealed the deal. The entire country conspired to kick out DPP by hook or crook. The DPP and its callous outlaws had to go but via some form of a vehicle and that vehicle was MCP and UTM, forget other eight or nine partners—truthfully speaking their contribution was moral support and creation of some façade and optics that all opposition parties in Malawi are up in arms against DPP notoriety.

The pressure on MCP and UTM to get involved in any form of marriage was immense and unprecedented. It was as if the civil society had done its part, Army lived by its Constitutional design, Judiciary delivered justice and now MCP and UTM were betraying everyone by not going to bed.

The two parties delayed, because of power sharing and largely glaring differences on philosophies of the two. Later on, very quickly locked the door and went to bed and called it electoral alliance—Tonse. For elections, period! The rest was left to mother-nature to sort out after winning, and this is why there are problems between MCP and UTM today, ignore the hypocrisy—the flame of love between MCP and UTM is lost as it extinguished months back. No level of hiding and two-facedness between the two alliance partners will put wool into Malawians eyes. Not all is well.

Drama started with their speeches during the event that took place at Kamuzu Institute for Sports in Lilongwe, MCP president Lazarus Chakwera and his UTM Party counterpart Saulos Chilima avoided any indication on who will lead the alliance. Probably they were pretending to sign a deal before even agreeing who the torch bearer was. That was an indicator of future trouble.

Hard–pressed to reveal the alliance’s presidential candidate after the event, both leaders response was: time will come for such an announcement. Yes, time has told us not all is well as of April, 2021.

The second disaster is the supposedly contents of the pact between MCP and UTM, to this day it has remained a secret like the formula for producing Coca-Cola. This is a document, at least major issues, should have been availed to Malawians.  Either it does not exist or it exist, buts its contents do not favour Malawians but individuals.

The two parties have banked on Malawians lack of inquisitiveness or for lack of a better term maybe dozing media. When it came to demonstrations against the past regime during the struggle, Malawians were called upon en-masse to sacrifice for their country and when the two parties were agreeing how to share parts of the cock-a-doodle-doo, it remained a top secret. We now just see UTM crusaders wheezing in pain!

The third disaster is on manifesto implementation, whose manifesto will be implemented and where will credit go, to the alliance or the party whose issue in the manifesto is being addressed? Politicians are petty, as rudimentary as this sounds it remains cause of concern.

Is it for the cock-a-doodle-doo parts or country? If it is for the country then leave alliance, but if this is about the drumsticks then stay and enjoy while preserving life. Those that are unhappy leave, they don’t wait.

Things have gotten to a point where MCP needs to be given space to run government and deliver without worrying about UTM. This can be equated to have been diagnosed with cancer and deliberately refusing to take up treatment in the hope the disease will on its own disappear. The time for MCP and UTM to call it quits is now, not tomorrow. The hypocrisy between the two parties, pretending to love each other in the day and at night go separate ways to finish the other is unhelpful. It does not even serve the interest of either of the parties.

MCP needs space to run the State and deliver so that seeking re-election in 2025 won’t be an uphill task. Conversely, UTM needs to regroup and find its soul on its journey to building the brand while also peeping on what 2025 has got to offer. At times growth comes by being left alone, to limp, cry and learn. This is politics, it is full of trickery.

Chakwera (r) and Chilima-Let us call a spade by its name, the MCP and UTM marriage has not worked

Let us call a spade by its name, the MCP and UTM marriage has not worked. UTM is frustrated because MCP is not meeting its expectations and end of bargain, likewise MCP is wary of its partner’s insincerity, supposedly overnight stunts and taking MCP on wild-goose chases.

After all is said and done, agreements are bound to be breached. Hard feelings can only be sorted on the ballot, unfortunately in 2025. MCP and UTM, walk out of this forced marriage. The bondage is souring every passing minute, after all even after hypocrisy MCP and UTM will part ways.

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