Over 30 000 Malawians repatriated from South Africa


Some of the buses that carried the returnees

MWANZA (MalawiTalk)- Authorities say over 30, 000 Malawians who were in South Africa have been repatriated back home since the start of the exercise on May 23 last year in a government coordinated exercise.

Mwanza Border Immigration spokesperson, Mr Pasqually Zulu, says another 10 buses carrying 598 returnees from South Africa were expected to arrive at the border Thursday of which 261 are men, 258 women and 77 children.

Some of the buses that carried the returnees

Zulu has since hailed the joint multi-sectoral approach between key border agencies, including non-governmental organisations and civil society organisations for successful operations when receiving the returnees.

This includes Covid-19 testing, observance of health protocols and border checks which he says are “done  timely.”

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