CMS questions Chakwera silence on K6.2bn ‘Covid-gate’; Malawi president faulted for ‘leadership malnutrition’


Chakwera - punish anyone found in the wrong side of the law as far as abuse of Covid-19 funds is concerned

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – The Centre for Mindset Change is asking President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to speak out on the K6.2 billion Covid-19 money which government cannot account for.

The centre says the silence from Chakwera on the matter is raising suspicion.

On February 21 this year, Chakwera told Malawians the audit would last a month but the organizations’ executive director Mr Phillip Kamangira implores on the Malawi leader to act on the matter; saying good speeches are not enough to fight corruption.

He  also demands progress of the inquest into Crossroads Hotel payment involving State House.

“CMC is strongly depressed by the level of political and leadership malnutrition, state impunity, deceitfulness, executive arrogance and indecisiveness that is demonstrated by the Tonse Alliance under the leadership of President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

CMS says Chakwera is running the country with “spurious features.”

Said Kamangirajh: “This is sad for our hard grossed democracy.”

Kamangira further calls on the Tonse Alliance government to provide meaningful resolution to the current teachers strike within 48 hours.

Chakwera – leadership malnutrition

“Our children are suffering as they cannot enjoy their right to education any more. Is it because those children that are suffering from this trauma are those from poor families? Is it because you are on the helm of power and you care no more? What if your children were victims of this situation, could you have left this matter unresolved until now?

“We call upon our leaders to take a bold decision in granting back to our children their right to education through responsible means to resolving their differences with TUM within 48 hours and that our children should go back to school,” he appeals.

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