Gospel singing group donates to the needy


Kachiwala handing over a blanket to an elderly lady

LILONGWE (Malawi News Agency) – Lilongwe-based singing group popularly known as Rejoice has donated assorted items to needy families surrounding Malingunde Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Traditional Authority (TA) Masumbankhunda in Lilongwe.

The items includes clothes, soap, salt, shoes, soya pieces and body lotion among others.

In an interview on Wednesday, Physon Kachiwala, who is the group’s programs leader said the group made the donation because they believe that they cannot only be preaching the word of God through singing but also through reaching people with what they lack.

He added that God commissioned them to go to the world and preach the gospel but one cannot concentrate if they are hungry and are lacking a lot of things that is why they decided to preach the everlasting gospel through sharing.

He said: “We have managed to reach 25 families who are not members of the SDA church and we have also reached others who are SDA members and we believe that this will help to minimize some problems that they have been facing.”

He then said as a group, their mission is to reach as many people as possible with basic needs saying they are planning to have another outreach mid this month.

He further added that they are targeting every member of the family starting from the parents going down to the children.

Kachiwala handing over a blanket to an elderly lady

Speaking after receiving the donation, one of the beneficiaries, Elube Jakisoni, commended the group for the timely donation.

Jakisoni said: “We lack a lot of things as a family, but this donation will help a long way in minimizing the challenges that we face.”

She then urged the singing group to do the same to others when such opportunity comes because there are a lot of people that are lacking in so many ways and they are in need of such kind of help.

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