Cabinet, just like Jesus, is coming out soon!


Bloated Cabinet of Chakwera to be reshuffled with vacant posts left by Mia and Belekanyama filled

FROM THE MIND OF (Peter Makossah) -Please wait, just wait!

Good things, they say, comes to those who wait and not who just ask, ask and ask.

Many eons ago, Jesus was crucified on a Friday, after what legend speculate as a Judas Iscariot betrayal, and resurrected on Sunday Morning.

Jesus’ resurrection was a victory to the World. People’s sins, according to the holy Bible, were all forgiven.

Jesus had to go to his father to be on the right hand side. So, before he left, he told people that he would come back soon.

But he didn’t say when. Soon means no specific time. But Jesus was not in any way under obligation to tell anyone that he would come. He did it on his volition.

Today, 2,021 later we are still waiting for his second coming. We are at peace with waiting for soon although we don’t know how long is soon. If he comes, he comes. If doesn’t, he doesn’t.

No pressure. No need to lose sleep.

President Chakwera upon ascending to power promised, without anybody asking him, that he will assess and review his cabinet’s performance in every six months.

The Malawi leader had no obligation to tell anyone as to when and how he would reshuffle, appoint, miss-appoint or reappoint anybody into his cabinet.

Then it was said cabinet would be ready at the end of March and came end of March, there still was no white smoke from the chimneys of Nthunthama.

Still, everyone held and still holding their abated breath for the announcement of a new cabinet, which is a prerogative of Dr Lazurus Chakwera as the president to appoint people into his cabinet.

Then, Covid happened and the political dynamics changed. Plans crushed and everything crumbled.

We all understand that this is an act of God and, therefore, there is no need to blame anyone for anything.

And cabinet assessment and performance review is one of those things, they say, was affected.

President Chakwera inspite of all covid disruptions, then delegated his Number Two to do the assessment. Again, the president was no under obligation to tell anyone about it.

Sometimes, in communications, it is not what we say but how we say it that matters. One simple word can a make a huge difference.

Jesus said: “I will come back soon.”

2,021 years late he has not yet come back and no one complains or make a fuss about it.

We continue with life as we wait for him to come soon.

President Chakwera said: “I will reshuffle my cabinet in 6 months.”

Again, he said: “Cabinet will be ready at the end of March.”

This he didn’t have to tell anyone.

Then: “Cabinet will be ready within 48 hours.”

And there has been a few 48 hours that have elapsed and the new cabinet is nowhere near insight.

Perhaps President Chakwera should have said: ” I will reshuffle soon.”

Next time, Mr. President, don’t tell anyone the specific timescale just say soon, for soon has no time limit.

My point is there is more to life than waiting for for a cabinet. Stop complaining and move on with life and sort our sorts out as President Chakwera and Saulos Chilima sort the cabinet.

Let reshuffling a cabinet, appointing or not appointing some few people into an elite politburo be your headache. Leave that to Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima. If they will appoint a new cabinet, let them do it, if they don’t, they don’t.

Bloated Cabinet of Chakwera to be reshuffled with vacant posts left by Mia and Belekanyama filled

We have price hikes to worry about – that is what we must be making noise about not cabinet.

Cabinet, like Jesus, is coming back, soon.

Let us wait, wait, and wait.

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