Voters chase away UTM official at polling centre


Mwenifumbo-apologized to the electorate and left unceremoniously

KARONGA (MalawiTalk) – Voters have chased away a senior UTM official from a polling centre in Karonga north west.

UTM Publicity Secretary Mr Frank Mwenefumbo was chased away for allegedly being at the center without a valid reason.

Mwenefumbo, who claimed to have escorted their party candidate Mr Felix Kaira, apologized to the electorate and left unceremoniously.

However,  rains have significantly slowed down voting in parliamentary by-election in Karonga North West.

For close to 30 minutes, it has been raining forcing those who have voted to seek refuge on the verandah of polling stations while those who have not, are not coming.

Elsewher,  chaotic scenes emerged at Baka Polling Station in Karonga North West parliamentary by-election as some angry prospective voters questioned the justification of wearing facemasks to vote whilst during campaigns this was not enforced.

While arguing with polling staff, the voters threatened to leave without casting their votes.

Director of Planning and Development, who is acting District Commissioner,  Mr David Gondwe calmed the situation.

Mwenifumbo-apologized to the electorate and left unceremoniously

Parliamentary by-election voting is yet to start at Lulindo Polling Station in Karonga following a dispute bordering on an allegation that one candidate was campagning outside the accepted period.

Some monitors, who are pushing to document this in the complaints logbook, accused MCP candidate Mr Daniel Chitonya Mwanyongo for allegedly flouting the electoral law.

Presiding officers have bowed down to the demand so that that verifying electoral materials can start.

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