MHRC tells Malawi police IG to probe polytechnic student death


MHRC commissioners presenting the report

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk) – The Malawi Human Rights Commission has told the Inspector General of Malawi Police to swiftly institute an inquiry into the death of a polytechnic student.

Mr Blessings Nyondo, a Polytechnic student was shot by a Malawi Broadcasting Corporation guard on his way to overnight prayers after some women claimed they were being robbed in December last year.

MHRC says in a report the Inspector General of Police should commence criminal investigations of MBC Guard, identified as Mr Chanunkha who shot Nyondo.

The MHRC report also says that the Inspector General of Police should institute an investigation into the conduct of a police officer identified as Inspector Nambazo who was at the scene on 31st December 2020.

MHRC commissioners presenting the report

The report further says that Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital should stop conducting private postmortem.

Among other things, the report says the Ministry of Justice should review use of fire arms, the Inspector General should probe the conduct of police officers, family members of the deceased may seek compensation from the state and  MBC Director General should see to it that there are routine human rights lessons and use of security gadgets.

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