Health activist asks for detailed information on Covid-19 vaccine side effects


Senior chief Chadza taking the Covid-19 vaccine

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk)- A health rights activist says people must be given comprehensive information regarding the side effects and target recipients of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Malawi Health Equity Network (MEHN) executive director Mr George Jobe said comprehensive information on the side effects of the vaccine would help people make an informed decision before getting the life saving jab.

Recipients of the vaccine have raised concern over some extreme side effects and conflicting information on who should receive the jab.

While some vaccination centres are allowing pregnant women to get vaccinated, others are barring them from doing so.

Furthermore, there are fears that some newly recovered Covid patients have already received their jab, despite an announcement by the Ministry of Health that they should wait six months before getting immunized.

Jobe said that such information should have been made public before the exercise was rolled out.

Ministry of Health Spokesperson Mr Joshua Malango has also clarified that pregnant women can receive the vaccine, if they fall into the category of either having underlying conditions or are social workers.

Meanwhile, the crowding in Covid-19 vaccination centres is becoming a security concern to members of the public.

Inadequate vaccination sites have led to crowding in most centres where people queue for long hours to get the vaccine and the relevant card.

Jobe- comprehensive information on the side effects of the vaccine would help people make an informed decision

Currently, the vaccination exercise targets the elderly, people with underlying conditions, journalists and other social workers.

So far, over 60, 000 people have received the AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine in the country.

In response to the concerns, Minister of Health  Mrs Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda assures the public of their safety and security in all the centres.

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