Education activists want Chakwera intervention over teachers Covid risk allowances impasse


Kondowe -The President should intervene

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – A call has been sent to President Dr Lazarus Chakwera to swiftly intervene in the wrangle between the presidential taskforce on covid-19 and Teachers Union of Malawi over covid-19 risk allowances which may trigger another wave of strikes.

The call has come at a time the teachers are once more threatening to down their tools over Covid-19 risk allowances.

Meanwhile government has rejected a proposal by Teachers’ Union of Malawi to give them personal protective equipment for working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Benedicto Kondowe, an education rights campaigner has asked Chakwera find solution and avert the strike.

On the hand a child rights campaigner Mr Godknows Maseko has warned teachers against proceeding with the strike saying his organisation will mobilise parents to stand against the teachers.

According to him, acts by the teachers were a violation of human rights and rights of children to education.

Meanwhile, analysts have described as unjustifiable the continued stand by teachers to demand Covid-19 allowances.

The sentiments come as teachers have announced that they will down tools from next week as government has rejected their earlier agreement to provide them with allowances for PPEs in the wake of the pandemic.

Mr Rafique Hajat, a policy analyst has said the demand by teachers is not about the Covid-19 pandemic but rather their frustration with low wages and poor conditions of service.

Kondowe -The President should intervene

Hajat, has also argued that Covid-19 allowances are not an entitlement as the teachers were provided with protective gears and got placed in priority category to receive vaccine against the pandemic.

He has also said that it remains unfortunate that the stand-off will continue to have an impact on the quality of education and create a gap between learners in private and public institutions.

Hajat has since called for sound discussions among all concerned stakeholders to reach at an amicable solution.

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