Gwamba raises K0.5m in 20 minutes for Hyphen Appreciation Concert slated for April 3; Phyzix set to put in


Gwamba- Support

MZUZU (MalawiTalk) –The brotherly spirit of love and taking care of each came loose Wednesday when Gwamba, in 30 minutes, raised K500 000 for Hyphen Appreciation Concert slated for April 3.

Hyphen, formerly Young Kay, is set to perform at people’s organized Hyphen Appreciation Concert put in place to honour the years he has been making great music.

“As a big fan of @MfumuHyphen, I want to see this show happen. To me, Hyphen is the greatest Malawian rapper of all time and I know so many people feel the same way. So tonight, from 8-8:30pm, we are raising K500 000 towards this concert.”

The money was raised in 20 minutes.

Gwamba- Support

Another hip-hop giant Phyzix, real name Noel Chikoleka,  posted:  “I fully support this! Let’s get my brother @MfumuHyphen on stage for his appreciation concert. Make your contributions to the numbers provided. I will definitely make my contribution as well.”

Meanwhile, Hyphen has sent out love to everyone supporting and contributing towards the concert.

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