Malawi arrests Chinese man for trafficking 6 girls; Cheated they will support them


Chinese national arrested trafficking of women

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – Malawi Police have arrested a 35 year old Chinese national, Mr Luhui Hului and his Malawian counterpart, Mr Chikondi Nkhata Kumwenda, 28 for allegedly trafficking six girls from Kasungu to Lilongwe on the pretext that they would support their academic studies.

The two were arrested in Area 49.

Regional spokesperson for Central East Police Harray Namwaza said police got a tip that three Chinese nationals, who were led Kumwenda, had in November last year gone to Yotamu Village where they allegedly took the six girls to Lilongwe under the pretext that they wanted to help them attend schools, as all government schools had at that time closed due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Chinese national arrested trafficking of women

It is also reported that instead of attending classes in Lilongwe, the six girls were subjected to abuse where they were ordered to be putting on costumes and dancing to Chinese music and the three Chinese men would capture them on video camera, making fun of them.

Hului and Nkhata will appear in court soon to answer charges of child trafficking.

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