Economist gives thumbs up to Malawi government decision to scrap off duty on motorcycles


Betchani Tchereni

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk) – An economist has given thumbs up to the decision by government hailed to scrap off-duty on motorcycles.

Government has made the undertaking to scrap off the import duty in the 2021-2022 national budget.

Dr. Betchani Tchereni,  economics professor at the Polytechinic –a constituent college of the Universityh of Malawi– said this would ease mobility Malawians usually face.

This comes after the ministry of finance announced that it will remove duty on motorcycle in a bid to create more employment for the youths.

Betchani Tchereni,

However, the decision has sparked debate as other sectors are of the view that this will make government lose out on revenue generation.

Tchereni said the positives of the decision outweigh the negatives as currently motorcycles have eased mobility in most localities.

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