Private jet from Morocco with bags of cash to Chakwera; Under the weight of  corruption, Tonse Alliance is cracking wider!


The plane spotted at KIA

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) -A private jet  registration number CN-TKC on Monday landed at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) in Lilongwe with a Moroccan visitor who arrived with bags of cash in US dollars and went to straight to visit  President Dr Lazarus Chakwera  to gift him so that he can influence  events on the fuel tender at the government-owned National Oil Company of Malawi, according to State House insiders.

This comes amid  growing corruption tendencies and flamboyance of Cabinet members and despite promising lifestyle audits, presidential aides and ministers continue to display unusual wealth and lifestyle raising eyebrows on his commitment to fighting corruption.

After branding immediate past president Prof Peter Mutharika as “Prince of thieves, “ I dont Chakwera  may by christened ‘Prince of false prophets’ considering the K6.2 billion  plunder weeks after they came into government, K65 million State House scandal,  and his Ministers demanding money in exchange for tenders, resident permits.

If you want to understand how theft of public resources has become a free-for-all thing in Chakwera’s government, then here is how it works.

We read, all of us, in December 2020 how Bingu National Stadium officials defrauded Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

The preacher had booked the stadium for his crossover service, made K6 million payment to the stadium and, per procedure, he was given the general receipt.

But hell broke nasty when, after government had cancelled the booking, revelations emerged that stadium officials didn’t deposit the money in government account. Instead, they shared it among themselves.

If you haven’t been a civil servant, such a story would send you to shivers and goosebumps. You will be wondering as to why and how could a government accountant been so reckless with public money—such gross indiscipline and lack of etiquette and professionalism.

But those in government laugh at such stories with disdain, perhaps sip on a drink as if it wasn’t something serious. Well, to them it wasn’t anything serious because they are used to such silliness with public money.

Now if you are wondering where, this Chakwera government is taking us to, don’t be surprised. Chakwera’s Tonse Alliance is leading us to deeper dangers in this fight against corruption.

Currently, scandals aren’t withering at Nocma) But the slap of every revelation, there is a government that acts like nothing happened—just business as usual.

Not just as Nocma.

The plane spotted at KIA

Revelations are everywhere as to who, in just six months, billions have continued to be  lost under watchful eyes of public officers who are well poised to accumulate whatever they can.

That’s Chakwera’s corruption fight version for you and its getting nasty with each passing day.

Is this Tonse we craved?

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