PAC says lifestyle audit schemes only solution to Malawi plunder of public resources


Namalomba - calls for a lifestyle audit

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – A senior official from parliament’s powerful Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has said lifestyle audit scheme could be the lasting solution to check the rampant looting of public resources.

PAC chairperson Mr Shadreck Namalomba has since told local companies and organisations to embrace lifestyle audit schemes to help check looting of public resources.

Reports keep emerging of public officers who acquire questionable wealth that does not match with their respective incomes.

Section 32 of the Corrupt Practices Act was, therefore, framed with that in mind and clearly empowers the graft–busting body to investigate any public officer for maintaining a suspicious standard of living beyond ones means.

Reads the section in part: “The director may investigate any public officer where there are reasonable grounds to believe that such public office (a) maintains a standard of living above that which is commensurate with his present or past official emoluments or other known sources of income.”

Years after the famous cashgate plunder of tax-payer’s billions at Capital Hill in 2013, Malawi is currently grappling with a K6.2-billion abuse of Covid-19 response funds.

Namalomba – calls for a lifestyle audit

Meanwhile, pressure continues to mount for relevant authorities to take all involved to task.

Namalomba insists that adoption of lifestyle audits would help appropriate agencies to trace abuse of public funds.

Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) indicates that on request from the law enforcement agency, the office applies its mandate to analyse and investigate the financial information in order to trace proceeds of crime for possible confistication and subsequent forfeiture.

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