Chilima takes a jab at Malawi prophets as ‘devil worshippers’ being Covid-19 vaccine deniers


Chilima- Malawians should not listen to devil's worshippers against vaccine

MZUZU (MalawiTalk) –Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima has taken a jab on Covid-19 deniers, including some self-styled Prophets,  calling them “devil worshippers.”

He said the vaccine is safe therefore urged Malawians to get the vaccine.

“At a time when globally there are rumours and disinformation about Covid-19 vaccination, it is indeed important that the President and myself take lead in being the first ones to be vaccinated today.

“It is the expectation of His Excellency the President that the example we have shown today by being the first to take the vaccine, will inspire many Malawians to do the same especially when it is rolled out at a larger scale very soon.

“Therefore, the point that the President and myself are emphasising today is that the vaccine is safe and you too must take it,” he said.

Chilima added that the COVAX facility will assist Malawi  with 20% of COVID-19 vaccines, this means they will reach out to  over 3.8 million people.

He said the  shipment of the vaccines will be in phases.

” In the initial phase COVAX has approved more than 1.47 million doses to be shipped to Malawi between now and May 2021.

” In addition to the vaccines from the COVAX Facility, we are also expecting 50,000 doses from the Government of India and 99,833 doses from MTN International Limited through the African Union.

“The African Union has recommended that countries in Africa should aim for vaccination coverage of above 60%,” he said.

As part of preparations for the vaccinations, Chilima said  Ministry of Health has installed extra cold rooms for the storage of vaccines.

Chilima get this jab

This has been done with assistance from Unicef, said Chilima .

He said so far Malawi has 861 vaccination sites across the country and they will all be utilized during this exercise.

Chilima said “new solar direct drive fridges have also been installed and are functional.”


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