Shocker! Bushiri lawyers detained 8 hours without charge; South Africa court frees them


Bushiri - his daughter has died

PRETORIA (MalawiTalk) – South African police on Monday arrested and detained two lawyers for Prophet Shepherd Bushiri a move which has described as harassment and intimidation.

Meanwhile, the leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG  Bushiri has spoken out against the 8-hour detention of his two lawyers in South Africa.

According to a statement released on Tuesday, Bushiri says his South African lawyers—Mr Terence Baloyi and Mr Alvin Khoza—were detained on Monday, taken to court where the prosecutors failed to charge them, forcing the magistrate to free them.

The detention, according to Bushiri, also included an officer from the Independent Private Investigation in South Africa whom Bushiri hired to expose the scheme by South African police recruiting girls to fabricate rape charges against him.

“It’s shocking to note that after my instructing lawyers and the private investigator who, after being kept in custody like convicted criminals, the Senior State Advocates, who issued the warrant of arrests, decided to withdraw the charges and stated that the police investigation are incomplete yet we know they have investigating since 2017,” he said.

Bushiri – the move only confirms that I can’t face fair trial in South Africa’s unjust and unfair courts.

However, Bushiri underlined that though saddened by the development, he is not surprised with the detention of his lawyers because the move is it’s just ‘an escalation and intensification of a failed scheme, by some Hawks officers, to cover up the corruption and extortion cases’ he opened against them.

Bushiri has insisted that the move only confirms that he can’t face fair trial in South Africa’s unjust and unfair courts.

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