Chakwera’s inner circle in get-rich-quick schemes: Malawians are watching!


Wrongful enrichment among Chakwera's henchmen. - Mansion build in nine months of being in power

FREE EXPRESSION (MalawiTalk) – In Africa, primitive accumulation and get-rich-quick schemes are two critical issues that propels many to get into politics.

That is why people that, a month ago, had nothing but once they get into power they turn into overnight millionaire.

If you need an instance, look no further than former President Peter Mutharika’s head of security Mr Norman Paulosi Chisale.

How does a bodyguard, just in four years, own 78 vehicle, shopping malls and uncountable properties across the world?

Yes, I am not trying to belittle of judge him—but some things are just too good to be true.

You look at salary scale of his office and then compare with what he owns, you discover that something is not adding up.

But the question is: the red flags were all over, how did we fail to stop him?

Surely, we should have done better. But is there anything we have learnt as a nation?

Already, word in town is that some inner circle of President Lazarus Chakwera have accumulated mass wealth in the six months they have been in office.

And social media is awash with newly built mansions, fleet of vehicle and numerous properties allegedly owned by men and women in Chakwera’s inner circle.

Without sounding alarmist, I think it’s important, as a nation, to keep our eyes open to these facts because they will haunt us one day.

Wrongful enrichment among Chakwera’s henchmen. – Mansion build in nine months of being in power

This is the time the Anti-Corruption (ACB) need to be challenged to start invoking its power of preventing corruption through being tough on lifestyle audits.

I understand that Section 32 of the Corrupt Practices Act deals with possession of unexplained property and wealth, and also deals with those who maintain a standard of living above official earnings or other known sources of income.

This need to be invoked to prevent another Chisale scenario.

  • Cyril Bini is Editor-at-Large of MalawiTalk. His column  is called “Free Expression”

1 Reply to “Chakwera’s inner circle in get-rich-quick schemes: Malawians are watching!”

  1. The motivation is two fold:

    1) When Peter, Chisale, Mukhito, Getrude, Tadikira, Zameer Karim, Batawalala, Master, Gani and many others were doing what they did, we had the ACB, FIA, CID, MRA…you name them—but nothing was done to stop the madness. Our institutions are neither strong nor independent enough to be trusted to work as effective watchdogs;

    2) Five years from now, we don’t want to back where we are now…outraged by revelations of people who used political power to help themselves to plunder billions from the poor of this country.

    So, we have to keep speaking out; advocating, analyzing, critiquing, protesting because, above all else, we are our own keepers.

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