Are we safe in Malawi? Of abductions, Veep office broken into, Minister vehicle hijacked


Chimwendo Banda, Home Affairs Minister - Untouchable

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – This week has been disturbing as we try hard, as a nation, to convince each other if we are safe and secure in this country under the Minister of Homeland Mr Richard Chimwendo Banda and Inspector General  of Malawi Police Service Dr George Kainja.

Look here.

As we tried to come to terms with consuming facts that thieves had broken into the office of the Vice President  Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima, the second most powerful person in the land, there again we were being purged with a story of a Minister’s vehicle hijacked. And then we hear of abduction of a managing director of Shayona cement company.

Well, we can debate nitty-gritties of the these scenarios, checking facts as they emerge, but we can’t debate the fact that these incidents speak volume of security lapses that we are all self-evident of.

The entire reason why we have Chimwendo as a minister and Kainja as the police boss is to ensure that we don’t have stories such as those.

The moment we begin to read in the news about such security lapses of high profile people, us—the people on the ground—begin to get terrified as to how secure are we.

Our police, for years, hasn’t been known for good reasons. They have always been symbols of protecting what is wrong at the same time trumping on the rights of the weak. They haven’t been effective in ensuring the safety of Malawians.

We need to ask serious questions to authorities with regards to how this country is being secured.

Chimwendo Banda, Home Affairs Minister – Security lapse is a sign of failure by his ministry

It appears some dark mafias have been on the loose, operating according to their wish and unleashing terror with the blessing of those in power.

Today it’s the veep office and the minister vehicle; in fact, we know it because they are high profile, but what about hundreds others in the townships whose agony goes unreported?

We need serious conversations about our security and Chimwendo and his boss Kainja needs to address us as to what they are doing to ensure we are all safe in this country.

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