Abduction of Shayona cement boss sent shock waves in Malawi; Cop arrested for releasing impounded truck


The scene of abduction of Shayona cement boss

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – Shayona Cement Company managing director  Mr Rajesh Patel was on Friday kidnapped in Lilongwe a development which has sent shock waves to Malawi amid security lapse where crime is on the rise.

According to information made available to MalawiTalk, Rajesh was kidnapped by an unknown assailants who were using a Toyota Carina whose registration number has not identified yet.

The incident happened between Capital Printing and Chipiku stores in Area 4.

The police were unable to confirm either the kidnapping allegations or an alleged ransom demand when the news broke on social media on Friday .

Meanwhile,  Police officers from Area 25 Police unit have been arrested for releasing a truck which was impounded by police.

The scene of abduction

The truck is said to have been loaded with charcoal which is an illegal trade in Malawi.

According to police spokesperson James Kadadzera the truck was impounded by Police on patrol on the night of Friday but was released by the officers on duty at Area 25 Police Unit.

Kadadzera says police suspects that  the officers who were on duty that night received bribes to release the truck.

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