Janta releases Ndapeza Wina; ‘I am celebrating love in general’


Janta- Love is a beautiful thing

BLANTYRE  (MalawiTalk) –Musician Janta has finally released his anticipated song ‘Ndapeza wina’ which was delayed after he was badly beaten up by Police the day before it had been scheduled to be out.

Janta had been with friends at the studio and decided to get noshes at a restraunt but met with Police officer enforcing Covidd-19 regulations who  accused him and his friends of not wearing face masks.

But Janta  said that is water under the bridge as he focuses on his new song ‘Ndapeza wina’ which he said is not not about him.

Said Janta: “It is just a song celebrating love. It is a dedication to everyone who has gone through a lot and has finally found the one whom they love.”

He said the single will be part of an extended playlist (EP) set for release later this year.

In part the song goes:

Kale mnali chitonzo, nsima ndinkadyera ku nthiko

Pano zonse zija zatha

Ndapeza omvana naye

Chikondi chakochi, chimandipatsa kunanalara

Janta- Love is a beautiful thing

The song, recorded and mixed at his SU Records Studio, was produced by Henwood

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