Chilima office broken into! Thats mafia at work…


Chilima- Break in at his office

FREE EXPRESSION (MalawiTalk) – In Blantyre,   Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) building, in the year 2013, was razed down to rubble after audit revealed mass corruption activities involving senior managers there.

The building remains razed down with questions still hanging as who was responsible.

In Lilongwe, Ministry of Agriculture was burnt to the ashes, again, after a Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) report revealed rot there.

Everything went silent—no culprits pinned down; just silence and emptiness almost.

Stories such as these are as many as scandals continue to unravel in public office and they are sickening.

Just as we wanted to rest, we are slapped with news that the office of Vice President was broken into by unknown assailants.

Well, some of us are too old to be fooled by such fairytales. As such, we will say things as they are—not as they ought to be.

Look here, the office of the Veep is one of the well-secured places that it will take a first-rate caliban to believe the story of being broken into.

To me, there are two things involved here: One, it’s either someone inside the Veep office has messed up and he or she is covering the dirt. Or, two, someone outside Veep office—but who knows the Veep’s office quite well—is playing dirty tricks to implicate Vice President Dr  Saulos Chilima of some nasty stuff.

Chilima- Break in at his office

But whichever is the case, this calls for some deep questions bordering on the security of the Veep office.

These mafia elements are exploiting security lapses of the system and it’s something that needs to be managed now or never.

We don’t want to end up hearing things bordering on making the Veep insecured for hideous reasons.

As such, Homeland Security Minister Mr Richard Chimwendo owes Malawians an explanation as to who is behind the security games at the Veep’s office.

  • Cyril Bini is Editor-at-Large of MalawiTalk. His column  is called “Free Expression”




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