Chisale fate on bail revocation in shooting case March 15


Chisale clutches a Bible as he walks at the court

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk) –The High court in Blantyre will on March 15, 2021 rule on whether bail for former presidential guard Mr Norman Paulos Chisale should be revoked or not.

Judge Silvester Kalembera has since adjourned hearing of the shooting case for the once powerful former president Peter Mutharika’s security aid to March 15.

The state applied to the court to revoke the bail for Chisale in an attempted murder case he is answering.

State wants the bail revoked on allegation of witness interference. Judge Sylvester Kalembera said trial of the case will also proceed on the same day.

Chisale is being suspected to have shot Sigele Amani last year in Blantyre.

In the morning, hearing of the case started with hearing of the application for the revocation of the bail.

A state witness, Mr Wellington Chimzakazi, says Chisale called Mr Moses Banda (State witness) on February 10 this year in the morning.

Chimzakazi told the court that using his TNM line, on February 14 Chisale called Banda again.

Chisale clutches a Bible as he walks at the court

When Banda was requested to show up in court and testify against Chisale early this month, Banda did not show up at the agreed time and his phone was off.

Chimzakazi’s testimony, borders on call logs between Chisale and Banda.

Witness Chimzakazi is from Police Headquarters in the Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

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