As clearing the rubble continues, Mathanga and Kunje must be deleted from MEC! 


Mathanga (l) and Kunje - Sue President, MEC

FREE EXPRESSION (MalawiTalk) –By now—no, by June 22 2020; commissioners Mrs Jean Mathanga and Miss Linda Kunje should have left public office.

In all fairness, the two do not have the moral, legal, professional and patriotic ground to keep hanging around as commissioners of Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

In fact, if there was justice in the world, Mathanga, Kunje, Dr Jane Ansah and the entire team that messed up the May 19 2019 Tri-partite Elections, should have been in prison by now.

Well, for being humans, we can forgive them, at least, by not sending them to prison. But we can’t and we will never forgive them to a point of keeping them in public office, more so, MEC. No.

Let’s face it: Mathanga and Kunje were part of a MEC that, after draining public resources, worked so hard to steal a vote from Malawi for the sake of keeping their master, former president Prof Peter Mutharika, in power.

In defense of such a criminal act against democracy, they spoke vitriol and held this nation at ransom for close to a year, again, just to serve their masters at the expense of 18 million Malawians.

Further, the courts clearly declared the former MEC, which Mathanga and Kunje served, as incompetent.

Against these factors, it is only foolhardy that 8 months after a new government came in, they are still enjoying state benefits from our taxes.

Mathanga (l) and Kunje – Declared incompetent

Not anymore.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cannot force their people on us. If Mathanga and Kunje are competent, in their eyes, they should consider hiring them in their party, not MEC.

In this vein, one only needs to appreciate Public Appointments Committee (PAC) for underlining that Mathanga and Kunje must leave.

Indeed, they must leave and they should not come back. The two are symbols of toxic in this great nation.

  • Cyril Bini is Editor-at-Large of MalawiTalk. His column  is called “Free Expression”

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