Deputy minister holiday is trivia;  Chakwera approved it, so what’s the fuss?



LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) –  Deputy Health Minister Mrs Chrissie Kalamula Kanyasho has courted controversy for not breaking any law of the country.

It appears we all want to blame her for going to the United States of America (USA) in December last year to enjoy her holiday.

The argument, which is as lame as those advancing it, is that she abandoned her duty and sneaked to United States to enjoy while Malawians were dying with Covid-19.

How stupid?

For facts sake, Covid-19 has been here and it will be here until it decides to leave us either through vaccines or whatever it will take.

Minister or no minister, the virus won’t oblige. Besides, she is a deputy minister—her boss has been around. The entire ministry set up has been around. The entire government machinery has been around. What was so special with her availability for God’s sake? Nothing.

Instead of raising our fury on her, I think we should have been questioning if her office, as a deputy minister, is of any relevance to the country. Not singling her holiday.

Besides there is K6.2 billion which government, up to now, is failing to account for. Why don’t we channel our anger into this?

It is evident that Covid-19 is wearing our brains out but, fellow Malawians, let’s not shrunk deep into this raw sense of senselessness by being so stupid.

Kalamula hasn’t broken any law. Yes, her holiday may be sensitive to some extent; but, trust me, there are a better important things that we need to discuss as a nation.

We all know that, as a public servant, she is entitled to an annual leave and, according to procedure, she applied for her entitlement and approving officer, the President, granted it.

So what’s the fuss? Just emptiness almost.

Deputy minister Kanyasho

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