Concerned citizens call on Malawi government to reconstruct roads


Area 23 road needed to reconstruction.pic (C)Luckson Angoni Chiponda

LILONGWE (Malawi News Agency) – Concerned citizens surrounding Area 23 in Lilongwe have urged government through their implementation partners to reconstruct their roads to reduce congestion and loss of lives through road accidents.

The Concerned Citizens were from the surrounding areas especially Chilinde, Majiga, Kawale and Biwi, just to mention a few.

Chairperson for Area 23 Minibus Drivers Association, Mr Misheck Kalekeni said in an interview Thursday in Lilongwe that their roads need maintenance due to poor conditions.

“We need government through their partners such as Roads Authority and City Council to reconstruct roads in those mentioned areas due to consecutive dents, poor water drainages that cause overflowing of water on the road,” he said.

Kalekeni said the road routes that need renovation especially from Biwi Triangle via Chipasula up to Chiuzila ground including Chesi via Kawale up to Area 23 markets.

The Chairperson said bad road conditions were making mini bus drivers to fail to reach their days targets.

Chairperson of Motorcycle in Area 23, Pililan Edward observed that poor road conditions many motorcycle operators have lost their live due to road accidents.

In an interview, Spokesperson for Lilongwe City Council, Mrs Tamala Chafunya said the Council was planning to rehabilitate all damaged roads in various residential areas in the City .

“We are likely to do the road rehabilitation in phases depending on condition of the road and availability of funds in the next financial year. The Council is aware of concerns and issues raised by the public other roads that will require similar attentions such as those in Area 47, 43 and among others,” she said.

In a related development, one of the roads that government needed to reconstruct is the one from Wulian Shopping centre going to bus deport and from bus deport going to Area 2 Mosque and Simama Hotel in the town.

Area 23 road needed to be reconstruction.pic (C) Luckson Angoni Chiponda -Mana

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