New Irish ambassador to Malawi presents credentials to Chakwera


LILONGWE (Malawi News Agency) – President Lazarus Chakwera yesterday received letters of credence from newly-appointed Irish Ambassador Seamus O’grany at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe.

Speaking after presenting his credentials, the Irish envoy said the two countries have several things in common that unite them; hence, the need for their citizens to enjoy the fruits of the diplomatic ties.

Said O’grany: “We both became independent after being colonised and we both believe in upholding human rights for our citizens to develop at family and national level.”

The envoy said the two countries have a common enemy which is poverty and they will work jointly to bail out their citizens by embracing universal health care services and women empowerment, among others.

He said: “Climate change, environmental preservation and economic development are some of the key areas the two nations will bundle their efforts together to address so that the two nations realise meaningful development.”

O’grany said he wished the Chakwera administration well in its quest to develop Malawians’ lives despite Covid-19 which he said has affected the global economy as trade and tourism sectors have dwindled.

“Ireland has various development projects on the ground to the tune of 15 million euros. This is an indication that our bilateral working relationship has the welfare of citizens of the duo countries at heart,” he said.

In a telephone interview yesterday, socio-political commentator Mr Humphrey Mvula said the bilateral relationship between Ireland and Malawi is an indication of the trust the Irish Government has in the Chakwera leadership.

He said: “This bilateral relationship, just like any other, must-have symbiotic benefits. Malawi must be ready to benefit from various areas like agricultural expertise, education, fighting corruption and economy and others.

O’grany presents his credentials to Chakwera

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