Incredible! MP Lipipa surrenders January salary to Covid-19 fight


Lipipa- Donates his salary to Covid response

BLANTYRE (MalawiTalk) – Blantyre City South legislator, Mr Noel Lipipa, has surrended his January salary as a Member of Parliament to Covid Response Private Citizens.

Writing on his Facebook page, Lipipa said he was moved on how Malawians have chosen to stand with government in fighting the virus pandemic.

He wrote: “Some of us have always wondered why, us Malawians, we are called the warm heart of Africa.

“Well, today, I stand as a witness to our greatness, our compassion to stand together in a crisis—the answer to why we are the warmest heart of this great continent.

“Deep in the pains and tears of COVID-19 which is robbing our loved ones and destroying livelihoods, I am overwhelmed with how, as a people, we have chosen to unite against this pandemic.

“Instead of blaming government, we have, as a people, chosen to stand with our leaders, ensuring that we save lives endangered by this pandemic.

“I have read about a secondary school student donating K2000 and I have read about local corporates giving millions to ensure no life is lost because there is no oxygen cylinder in our hospitals.

“I have never been proud and optimistic with being a Malawian as I am today.

“That is why, in show of support, I am surrendering my January salary to the Covid Response Private Citizens” he wrote.

He has since advised other parliamentarians to follow suit.

Lipipa- Donates his salary to Covid response

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