Malawi turn idle State House into Covid hospital; Chakwera says healthcare to take years of investment to  fix


Zomba State House to be makeshift Covid-19 Hospital

LILONGWE (MalawiTalk) – President Dr Lazarus Chakwera, whose governing Tonse Alliance lost two ministers and a permanent secretary to Covid-19 in a matter of day, has  announced it is turning the idle State House in Zomba into a temporary hospital to cope with patients.

Chakwera in a television address on Sunday said government will also construct temporary hospital such as 300-bed capacity field hospital at Blantyre Youth Centre,  turn Bingu National Stadium in Lilongwe to be a 100-bed makeshift hospital and another  field hospital will be created in Mzuzu.

He also said the government has allocated an additional 1K.6 billion kwacha in funds to be spent on recruiting 1 380 frontline healthcare workers, 1 000 intensive care unit beds and 1000 oxygen cylinders among other requirements.

The President said the country’s health facilities do not  have the capacity to treat the numbers of people being infected with the virus pandemic.

He said: “Because of decades of neglect and  plunder in the health sector, this pandemic has  found us at a time when our hospitals and clinics  are in a sorry state.

“The dysfunctions of the health  sector are systemic, and so, by their very nature,  they will take years of investment and discipline to  fix.”

President Chakwera said for this reason, Malawians must accept that any  measures his administration  put in place now to relieve the pressure  the health facilities are under will be “temporary and  imperfect at best.”

Said Chakwera: “ We should therefore not expect  that everyone who needs a test or medical attention  for Covid-19 will get it, or that those who get it will get the best care, or that everyone who gets treated  will survive.”

He also called for behaviour change.

“We must all accept that this virus is being spread by  our behaviour. No matter how many policies, or law enforcement protocols, or treatment programs the  Government puts in place, the virus will continue to  spread and to kill the most vulnerable among us if  our behaviour does not change.”

Chakwera said a third of those deaths were reported in the past 16 days, forcing the government to seek additional funding to contain the pandemic at a time when the country is in 4.1 trillion kwacha of debt.

Chakwera – Measurers to curb pandemic

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