Yes, Covid-19 is hitting; but let’s not be sensational and alarmist about it 


The recent COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a surge in anxiety

FREE EXPRESSION (MalawiTalk) – If you spend much of your day, these days, reading newspapers, perusing social media and listening to bulletins either on radio or TV, you should be a very, very sad person.

You should be sad because there is hardly good news coming from these news outlets.

Increased numbers of Covid-19 infections. Death. Overwhelmed hospitals. MASM running away. Sadness.  No oxygen cylinders. Unattended to graves.

All across, we look like soldiers losing the war. We look as if the enemy has surrounded us and we are heading for surrender. We look like a nation under siege.

But are we under siege?

Medical experts are clear about our times. Epidemiologist Dr Titus Divala hinted that we are experiencing a new wave of the virus and it’s very brutal.

In fact, its brutality is there for all to see. Rising positive cases every day. Increased deaths. Overwhelmed hospitals. Etc.

Yet against these times, there is hope. Divala underlined that, as it with viruses, it will soon have its sting fade. He hinted that, as we hit July or August, life will begin to return to relative normalcy.

But it’s always difficult, in the midst of war, to listen to people such as Divala. We are battered and we are losing hope, even in the facts as well.

Part of the reason we are losing even a grain of hope is because we are surrounded by alarmist who control what we mostly read, hear and see.

Everyone want to post about some death somewhere, some broken oxygen cylinder at a hospital, some uncontextualised statistics, some overwhelmed health personnel at a clinic, some grave being dug at Area 18 cemetery—all these heightens the hype of fear in all of us, eventually, we found ourselves helpless and defenseless.

However, we are at a position where we have a challenge that is yet to hit a crisis level.

Life is still going on and, be assured, our medical personnel are working tooth unnailed to help save lives of those in pain. Let’s lock hands with them by masking up, observing social distance and sanitizing.

We can also, as a nation, do better by ensuring that we are cautious in what we are spreading in our news outlets—let’s not be sensational and alarmist.

  •  Cyril Bini is Editor-at-Large of MalawiTalk. His column  will be called “Free Expression”

    The recent COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a surge in anxiety

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