Court quashes bail conditions for Muhara, Mchacha, Vuwa and Kumwembe


Suspect Muhara at the court

LILONGWE ( MalawiTalk)- Principal Resident Magistrate Viva Nyimba has quashed bail conditions for  former chief secretary to the government Mr Lloyd Muhara, former ministers

Mr Charles Mchacha,  Mr Symon Vuwa Kaunda and  Ministry of Defence Principal Secretary Mr Bright Kumwembe  because the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) is yet to get consent from Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mchacha, Kaunda, Muhara and Kumwembe are accused of illegal sale of government land which belonged to the Department of Forestry at Kanjedza Forest in Blantyre.

The accused are still on bail but the conditions that were attached have been removed.

The court has also declared invalid a certificate for summary proceedings that was signed by the recently appointed Director of Public Prosecution  (DPP) Steve Kayuni because Kayuni is yet to be confirmed by Public Appointments Committee of Parliament as DPP.

Nyimba has also said that since there is no consent from Director of Public Prosecutions, the offences that the suspects were charged with under Corrupt Practices Act fall out and ACB has to make new charges.

Principal Resident Magistrate Nyimba says only charges under Penal Code will proceed.

He has also ordered ACB to come up with a fresh charge sheet for Penal Code offences.

Suspect Muhara at the court

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