Chiefs tell Malawi government not to extradite Bushiris


Prophet Bushiri - I won’t have justice before South Africa’s justice system.

KARONGA – Two powerful traditional leaders have advised the Chakwera administration to ignore South Africa over its request to have the Bushiris extradited to the Rainbow nation.

The senior chiefs said the government of Malawi has an obligation to protect its citizens.

This follows a letter by the South African authorities asking the government of Malawi to extradite Prophet Bushiri and his wife, Mary.

The rainbow nation says government should consider bilateral friendship that exists between the two nations and the SADC agreements on fugitives of money laundering.

But paramount chief Kyungu said there is no need for the Bushiris to be extradited.

He said Malawi government is obliged to protect its own citizens.

“It is the responsibility of the Malawi government to protect its citizens, in our understanding he is innocent…as far as I am concerned prophet Bushiri is the son of Malawi, he is innocent, he has the right to be protected by his government, and he has not wronged us,” said paramount chief.

Senior chief Lukwa said prophet Bushiri will not have a fair trial in South Africa.

He said there are claims that the life of prophet Bushiri has been under threat.

He said there is no need to send the Bushiris to South Africa when it is an open secret that his life is endangered.

“We as Chewas believe that if a child has run away from the bush and seeks refuge in a house, we don’t send that child back to the bush, no,” said the senior chief.

Government of Malawi is on record as saying it will follow the law and procedure in addressing the whole fiasco.

The case of extraditing Prophet Bushiri and his Wife Mary resumes on December 14 in court.

Prophet Bushiri and his wife ‘miraculously’ found themselves in Malawi after leaving South Africa where several cases including money laundering.

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